Apostle Sharon Johnson is CEO and Founder of Stepping Out in Faith Global Ministries, the ministry was birth in 1993. The Lord gave her the ministry’s name in Africa, since then she has been traveling to Africa. In obedience to the call of God to that region, God has opened more doors throughout parts of East, West, South and North Africa, Uganda traveling as far as the Congo’s. In some parts of Africa, they call her the Bulldozer.

In Mark 16:15 the word of God says go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creations. Apostle Johnson heed to the word, allowing God to open doors of opportunities in India and Pakistan, to minister in Crusades, Leadership, Women and Pastors Conferences, in these meetings lives are changed, transformation, deliverance and healing takes place.

Apostle Sharon Johnson walks in an Apostolic Anointing, flows, and operates in the Supernatural power of God. Her ministry Stepping Out in Faith Global Ministries believes that the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached to all nations. It is with a humble heart and gratitude, that she undertakes this great mission, to minister to the broken, the lost and those who have simply lost their way and mend them back for the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Sharon Johnson has been chosen by God for such a time as this; she does not take her assignment lightly. Her passion is Faithfulness and Obedience for God.

Committee Members

Bishop Anthony Johnson Sr.


Tina Johnson-Bain

Administrator/Overseer/Amour Bearer/Assistant Treasure

Carroll Gallaway 

Assistant Administrator

Alonzo Johnson 

Senior Tech Support & Communications

Maria Green


Joan Lightbourn-Jones 


Diana Joseph

Head Usher

Evangelist Marie Munroe 

Head Usher / Assistant Amour Bearer

Dominique Wong-Johnson

Praise & Worship Dancer

Kenneth Kenduiwa

Praise & Worship Singer

Laurent Longe

Tech Support & Communications

Juma Collins

Administrator & Head of Transportation & Translator

Minister Pallavi Maddela

Prayer Intercessor Hyderabad India

Bishop Washington & Pastor Linet Kwanya

Word of Grace Community Church Kenya Africa

Pastor Clover Lodge


Pastor Mark Amir & First Lady Felicity Amir

New Zealand – Ministries

Pastor Terah Olukol & Wife

Pentecostal Outreach Church Uganda Africa

Pastor Rajab Wetaka

Double Splendor Ministries Kittali, Africa

Pastor Abraham Kakileti Warangal


Apostle Sharon Johnson