Life 360 About the Ministry

Along with our Founder, the volunteers and Covenant Partners at Stepping Out in Faith Global Ministries believes that the message of the gospel of Christ, must be preached to all nations. It is with a humble heart and gratitude, that we undertake this great mission, to minister to the broken, the lost and those who have simply lost their way and mend them back for the Kingdom of God.  We are his disciples and we do not take our assignment lightly.

LIFE 360

Life 360 is a concept that gives poor and homeless people a new beginning.  Stepping Out in Faith Global Ministries will provide transitional housing, meals and a Clothes closet to participants of this program.  LIFE 360 teaches its participants biblical principles, survival, and new life skills. Some of the modules we will cover under this program are:

Some of the other initiatives to be undertaken by Stepping Out in Faith Global Ministries are:
We believe that God has no hands in the Earth, but ours!

Supernatural Now! 
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